down to earth coaching & development for women worth their salt

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To create a guilt free army of women living the happy, fulfilling and successful life they deserve!

the mission

no bullsh*t coaching for women who want more!

... and I’m an executive coach with a twist.

I provide down to earth, no bullshit coaching exclusively for women worth their salt who want more from life!


I launched Violet Salt to help women who want more to live the happy, fulfilling and successful life they deserve and be worth their salt! Why? Because I wanted it too and I made it happen the hard way – I’m here to help other women do it the easy way!

I’ve always wanted more and I’m here to tell you that you can have more too. That there is more to life and it doesn’t have to be a ‘dream’ or a big ‘what if’. It doesn’t even have to be that difficult.


If any of the following apply to you then you are in the right place because I can help you turn this around:


- You spend your days fighting ‘the boys club’ to break through the corporate glass ceiling


- You get that sinking Sunday night feeling when Countryfile comes on


- You drink far too much wine because of all of the above (we’ll let you off on this one!)


- You’re unhappy but you’ve no idea why


- You don’t really know who’s staring back when you look in the mirror anymore


- You feel crap in whatever outfit you put on


- You’re stressed at work and hate your job


- You’ve got no ‘real’ friends


- You’ve got no time for yourself and feel frazzled and resentful


- You’re completely unfit, unhealthy and carrying excess weight


- Your boss/colleagues/team are complete knob heads!

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As a kid, I always wanted to ‘be’ something. I had loads of big dreams but I always thought that they didn’t happen to ‘people like me’.


As a woman with a husband, two businesses and three children who wanted to live a happily and fulfilling life, I found it impossible to be able to do and have all of things I wanted and that made me really unhappy.


It also made me feel guilty because on paper, I had nothing to complain about. I had everything that most other people wanted: a lovely house, nice cars, three beautiful children that came easily to me, a successful career, gorgeous holidays… you get the picture? But I had no fire in my belly, no zest for life – you too?


The corporate rat race wore me down, training and coaching managers and senior leaders (mostly men) who didn’t want to get better and achieve more (their egos thought they were ‘all that’ already and they SO weren’t!). I dreamt of running my own business, working with people who DID want to be worked with but it all felt like a pipe dream.

violet-when-small short-story

violets dad

A diagnosis of kidney disease shortly after my 30th birthday put my life into perspective. Now I knew what I was going to die of (unless I get run over by a bus) and that liberated me to break free and go after the dream….


The journey has been like doing back to back tough mudder courses!! F*ck me! I’ve taken a battering along the way. It’s been a guilt ridden, messy divorce fest, littlest hobo house hopping adventure (and that’s scraping the surface)!


Almost 10 years later and here I am! I’ve officially ARRIVED! I feel comfortable in my own skin. I like who I am. I don’t give a flying shit if other people don’t! I’ve got what I want. I’m yippee skippy happy. I buzz off my work every single day! I’m bringing up three amazing daughters to be strong, wonderful women in their own right and I’m showing them the way.

If you want to read the long story then go ahead, knock yourself out! blog-button